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Project Initiatives

This is the newer side of Chomp that aims to help support the wider effects of food poverty and social isolation. Our project initiatives aim to build resilience and confidence, and provide opportunities for growth.


Education around food spills into many areas of our lives. From learning how to cook for ourselves and others, to how food is grown and produced, to balanced nutrition, what foods work for you and of course our relationship to food and the history that holds.  

Chomp runs sessions for both parents and children, designed to empower through food education. We are passionate about children having the opportunity to know food and know how to feed themselves well as they grow.


Wellbeing is a diverse concept, open and personal at the same time. In all its formats, wellbeing stays true to its meaning and has huge benefits for our sense of selves and experience of our worlds. 

Our wellbeing sessions are focused on giving parents the opportunity to be part of something nurturing.

We run sessions on creativity and embodiment that provide parents with the opportunity to connect with themselves and others. 


To get our hearts pumping, to move our bodies, to face the elements, to feel our own strength are all important contributors to our wellbeing. 

At Chomp we recognise the challenges of doing this alone and therefore provide spaces for parents to join in with group activities focused on movement and fun. 


Learning new skills plays a huge part of building our inner confidence and realising our capability. 

Many of the families we work with have health conditions and financial insecurity that inhibit their ability to seek and access educational or employment environments.

Going forward, our upskilling sessions will work with local craft-person's such as Empowering Women Through Building (In Her Hands) and Pro Baristas

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